Daily Report | Environmental Protection Authority
The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) are a government body that protect New Zealander’s way of life. They regulate industry and provide robust, objective decisions on environmental matters. From cleaning products to transport, food and utilities; the guidance they provide has a significant impact on the daily life of millions of Kiwis. Despite this many New Zealanders are completely unaware of the work they do or the value it provides.

Our challenge was to use the EPA’s Annual Report, typically seen as a legislative document, as a vehicle to shift perceptions and educate the public on how important and far reaching the EPA’s work is.

The Annual Report became a ‘Daily Report’. A narrative woven throughout the report tells the stories behind the objects and substances we interact with everyday. The seemingly mundane is represented through a highly considered lens, flipping their status from the everyday subconscious to thought provoking imagery and information.
Daily Report | Environmental Protection Authority
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