A not so reserved annual report
In 2014 the Reserve Bank of New Zealand reached its 80th anniversary. To mark this milestone the 2014–2015 Annual Report celebrated the past and looked to the future. 
The report was produced in a digital format for the first time and complemented by an accompanying print edition.
Rounding Up 80 Years
An historic narrative of key events was interwoven throughout the report in a timeline. The nine events highlighted interesting stories, quirky moments and milestones from the RBNZ's history. Images, sourced from the Bank's archives, were used to represent each event.
 Shredded Money – RBNZ Governor, Dr Donald Brash, handles shredded paper money after new plastic money is introduced in 1999.
The Bank's Safe House – During WWII The Reserve Bank of New Zealand stored some of the nations' cash in an underground vault beneath a house in the suburb of NaeNae, Wellington.
The RBNZ's coat of arms
Maori King Tawhaio, featured on the first bank notes released by the RBNZ in 1934.
The imagery spanned from the 1800's till 2015. To give the images a consistent feel they were put through a 'turps release' process where the image is printed from an old black & white toner printer, soaked in mineral turpentine then put through a traditional printing press.
A not so reserved report | Reserve Bank of New Zealand