Creative connections | Co—nnection
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There’s an age old problem – ‘you can’t get experience without a job and can’t get a job without experience’.
This is a sentiment that rang true in our final year of design school with many students having never set foot in a design studio, yet expected to get a job in one in just a few months.
So we set about co-design a solution involving students and the local design industry in the design process.
The result was Co-nnection – An experience that works by connecting one studio and one student for one week, where the student gets a desk in the heart of the studio environment.
To visualise the experience, items were painted representing various aspects of the brand to create a visually striking identity for Co-nnection. The result is a visual system that is scalable & adaptable.
An unexpected hurdle we encountered during the project was that studios had limited desk space. To overcome this, we designed a flexible, foldable, portable cardboard desk to enable the experience.
Creative connections | Co—nnection
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Oliver Ward