Innovation: The Name of the Game at GTR Lighting
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Innovation: The Name of the Game at GTR Lighting

The basic definition of this word is: taking an idea or invention and offering products using that idea or invention to create value. The customer must be willing to pay for that value. To use this word in the business sense, it’s essential that the idea-turned-product satisfies a specific need and can be accessed at a reasonable cost.

When you visit GTR Lighting you’ll find these specialists began their enterprise eight years ago with a commitment to innovation, in the strictest sense of the definition above. Buy one of the LED or HID products for your specific use, and you’re working with a “partner” that takes all of its components through extensive product research and development before offering them to the buying public. Then they offer those outstanding, innovative products on a daily basis.

Especially the Cost

The one element that makes this so important is the other commitment made by GTR Lighting – the commitment to offering those innovative products at affordable prices. It’s also important for these specialists to add one more element. They also have a passion for educating the consumer about quality lighting. This is evident in the website’s resource section, which provides help with product use and installation, as well as reports from testing on individual lighting items.

The ultimate goal was to “shatter” the cheap-product standard and the low prices that can only give you cheap bulbs and parts. With these professionals, mediocrity is not acceptable. They provide wholesale distributor/partners with the highest-quality lighting solutions, a line that includes the best and brightest light-emitting diode (LED) and high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting products in the automotive and 12v categories.

Visit GTR Lighting and browse the HID conversion kits, LED off-road lights, bulb upgrades, sealed-beam headlight housing replacements, high-power LED headlight bulbs and universal LED accessories. Start on the home page and take a close look at the HID conversion kits and learn more about the flat-rate shipping that makes ordering even more attractive. You may want to ask about the GEN 3 headlight options or check out the fascinating LED logo projectors.


You’ve already read about the testing reports and the installation guides, but there’s more available. If you have questions that get down to the technical level, you’re invited to get in touch with one of the knowledgeable representatives at to discuss your specific needs and get answers to your questions. You’ll be pleased to learn about the warranty policy and the return/exchange process with these industry leaders.

Don’t forget to look at the clearance section, where you’ll find some outstanding bargains on new items at remarkable prices. You can buy GEN 2 LED headlight conversion kits, LED halo switch, Festoon LED bulbs, GEN 1 conversion kits, even controllers for your LED strips. As you browse, be sure to use the convenient dealer-locator to find a retail outlet near you. Simply enter your location and a mileage radius to get started.

Of course, if you know exactly what you need and want, you can do all your shopping from the comfort and convenience of your home at