Leading Edge Quality: Put SBS Zipper Strengths to Work for You
If you want to understand how important it is to be a leader in the production of zippers and other closure products, you should take a look at the long, interesting history of a product you take for granted, every day. The zipper, sometimes referred to as a zip fastener, is used to holding together the edges of material, in clothing, luggage, sporting and camping gear, to name just a few uses.

The history of the zipper began in 1851, when Elias Howe got his patent for what was described as the automatic, continuous clothing closure. This basic idea was a bit different from the mechanism we know today, and differed from the clasp locker marketed by Whitcomb Judson in the 1890s under the name “Universal Fastener Company.” Since Howe didn’t actively market his earlier product, you could say Whitcomb started the first zipper company.

Essential Part
While the modern zipper may be inexpensive compared to the remainder of the garment or any other product it’s used on, the item may well be unusable until the zipper is replaced or repaired. Today, a large percentage of the zippers manufactured in the world are made in China. One company in particular, SBS Zipper, is the largest Chinese zipper factory, holding important status as an influencer in the fashion industry and as an original-design manufacturer (ODM). In fact, this company ranks second globally in annual production of zippers and zipper accessories, based on numbers from the past 10 years.

Visit https://www.sbs-zipper.com and you’re immediately greeted by an attractive page showing the primary line of products offered: plastic, metal, coil, and waterproof zippers, in addition to a variety of sliders and pullers. You’ll also notice this zipper manufacturer provides quality closure products to some of the well-known clothing providers around the world.  The company’s growth has occurred in a period of more than three decades, with consistent focus on “research, design, manufacturing, supply-chain integration and marketing” of reliable and fashionable zippers.

The SBS zipper factory in Fujian alone covers more than 100,000 square metres, with on-site capability for design, proofing, mould processing, braiding, dyeing, electroplating, spray painting, die-casting, die stamping, and precision testing. As a natural extension of this process, SBS has focused on combining fashion with zippers, applying new designs to their products to meet requirements of individuals and clients worldwide.

Mass-Production Bases

Since 1984, the zipper manufacturer has established five bases for production, including the headquarters in Fujian. Facilities are also located in Shanghai, Tianjin, Dongguan, and Chengdu, allowing SBS to continue producing the highest quality products for current clients and to establish new relationships with others.

The company philosophy focuses on sustainable development, stable quality, and creating a green factory that complies with international laws and regulations. In addition, SBS incorporates management systems that produce results according to customer requirements. Core technologies include mould-processing technology to reduce dependence on foreign sources, mechanized manufacturing to enhance production efficiency, and intelligent design to shorten the new-product development cycle.

Put these strengths to work for you by “partnering” with SBS.