Innovation is a Key factor in Remote Control toys.

One of the key factors in remote-control success is innovation. It’s important to keep a few elements consistent: quality of products, customer service, inventory etc. But there is also a need for change in this industry, simply because customers are always looking for new ways to enjoy the RC Construction vehicles pastime. This is why leading providers such as Top Race remain at the “head of the class” when there is potential for so much competition.

The top-shelf suppliers continue to produce superior items in the traditional lines, such as dump trucks, to cite one example. But a visit to the website of the best companies will grab your attention immediately with sharp graphics about robots and drones. The hottest products in the industry, at the current time, are special stunt cars with LED lights and music to enhance the experience.

Great Price

With the additional purchase of four, AA batteries, you can invest less than $20 and start performing stunts and tricks with this RC tumbler. You’ll enjoy the spiral spins, flips etc. It’s a fantastic idea for the younger set (ages 5-10). The over-size tires are clear, so you can see the LED lights.

If that’s not innovative enough, and your tastes run to things that can fly, try the rolling copter from Top Race. The micro quad-copter also rolls and flips, giving you a lot of enjoyment for such a small toy. It’s small enough to fit in your hand, so it may be best to reserve this one for someone 14 years of age and older. The metal/hard plastic construction makes it durable, so you can relax and enjoy the three-speed options.

Take it outside if you need more space to experiment, or put it in low-speed mode for indoor fun. You can control the action up to 65 feet away, even rolling it along the ground at high speed. Because it’s small and light, you can charge it for about nine minutes and get up to seven minutes of flight time. The rolling copter operates at 2.4Ghz, with built-in gyroscope and all the accessories you need to get started (including spare blades).

Traditional Helicopter

If you’re interested in flying in a more traditional way, you might want to get the Top Race 3.5-channel helicopter, another excellent choice for under the $20 line. It has a built-in gyroscope, which makes it easy to fly, as well as LED lights for more fun. Selectable frequencies allow you to play with up to three copters without signal interference.

Whether you choose one of these innovative hot products from Top Race or stay with the more traditional items, you’ll always get the finest quality materials and construction in every toy. After all, you don’t lead the field unless you create.