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Sentiment and Atmosphere: Flowers are Important for Funerals

Choosing the right sentiment or emotions to express on the death of a loved one or close friend can be difficult. Sometimes there aren’t words to express those feelings. In some cases, it’s also hard to know what is the most appropriate way to show the family of the deceased how you feel. You may want to consult with your funeral director or visit the website of one of the leading providers of beautiful flowers online, such as https://www.funeralflowers.com/.

One of the most recent developments in the funeral tradition has been to give both the family of the deceased and those who attend the funeral freedom to express their emotions. For many years, and in many cultures, death was a time of sadness and grief only. But people have changed the way they view this period of time, often choosing to celebrate the life of the deceased, while still respecting the feelings of family.

Flowers and Funeral Atmosphere

Not only are funeral flowers a tradition dating back thousands of years, they have also been used to create a specific atmosphere during the funeral itself. The bright colours and pleasing aromas give a dignified funeral service an atmosphere of warmth and beauty it might not otherwise have. Family members and close friends who are grieving their loss have a physical reminder of that warmth and beauty, long after the service is complete.

As mentioned, funeral flowers have a long tradition, one built on hundreds of years of services in cultures around the world. This is an excellent way to show respect for the dead, when you can’t find words to express sympathy. It’s a long-standing custom that allows individuals to show their feelings in a very visual way. Funerals, after all, are services to honour the dead, but they are also for the living, a way of showing final respect.

People also use flowers for something other than their physical beauty and wonderful aromas. Living, growing plants have a strong spiritual meaning to millions. They show not only the sympathy and love for both the deceased and the family, they also become an expression of continuing life. Our life is fleeting, at best, and flowers are a means of showing how transitory human life really is. This is a symbolism many recognise and express with flowers.

Sorrow and Grieving

Even with the use of flowers for all of the “positive” expressions mentioned, it’s important to remember that the funeral period is also a time for grieving and sorrow. One of the most important actions during a period of grieving is the opportunity to talk with others and allow the feelings to be expressed in words. Good listeners are very important before, during and after a funeral. When a family member or loved one can release their emotions through crying and talking, it’s less likely they’ll feel guilt or anger (which sometimes attaches to the deceased).

If you’ve been told of the death of a close friend or relative and believe funeral flowers will be the best way to express how you feel, you can have those flowers delivered almost anywhere with the help of a leading online provider.