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Holman 'Neighbours'
Television Campaign

Holman Industries sells a range of gardening products, predominantly through Bunnings Warehouse. With a new summer season of gardening (and cricket) ahead, we were commissioned to advertise a range of their products, highlighting their savvy technology and stress-reducing usability.

Creative Approach
We all know what it's like to use a hose that's sprung a leak, trying to navigate a messy backyard or doing the "undies run" late at night after forgetting to turn the sprinklers off. This insight was the key to our creative; tapping into the classic human traits that we encounter while using inferior gardening products. Our 15-second commercials became bite-sized snippets played during the cricket that spoke to our primary audience.
Holman — Grip 'n' Lock
Holman — Grow Hose
Holman — Garden Bed
Holman — Retractable Hose
Holman — iWater
Holman — Garden Wall