City of Perth 'Let's Thursday Like We Friday'
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We were tasked by the City of Perth to drive visitation to, and spend in, bars and restaurants around the Perth CBD on Thursday nights.

Creative Approach
Thursday is the poorer cousin of Friday and Saturday and often overlooked for its more glamorous cohorts. We took this insight as our inspiration. We wanted to completely change attitudes towards this day of the week, because just targeting people with special offers in these venues wouldn't be enough. 

We created a manifesto that declared the benefits of Thursday by creating a personality people would warm to. The idea was written with tongue firmly placed in cheek and, to bring it to life, we enlisted Tex Perkins of 90s band The Cruel Sea. We produced a full-length version and two 15-second follow-ups, along with radio, out of home, social media and digital placements.
We need to talk about Thursday.

He’s been rubbing shoulders with the midweek crew for too long,
and he's become the poster boy for soggy two-day-old leftovers
and bad reality TV served with a tall glass of boredom.

He lurks in the shadows of Hump Day
and hangs in limbo until bad-ass Friday arrives.

The thing is, Thursday deserves more than that pathetic quagmire
of midweek lethargy ... and to be quite frank, he’s totally unique.

He’s not just another day ending in ‘y’. Why?

He’s the gateway day to the weekend, that’s why.
Business at the front, party at the back.

He’s why you can almost taste freedom from the working week,
 remove the shackles from your ink-stained fingertips and find an antidote
to stale air conditioning and the torturous humming of fluorescent lighting.

Thursday’s the reason you can loosen your tie and
hang a little longer in the City...  Thursday’s the reason
you can slide into Friday with some weight off your shoulders.

With that in mind, we’re coaxing the carefree side of his personality to
shake things up with a few new moves and the look of 'come hither'.

We’re claiming him as ours -- the City’s bright new star --
and promoting him to a better job title.

He’ll become your pre-weekend treat.
The moreish entreé to the main. An extra night of fun.

Come hang with Thursday.

He’s open for business.
Let's Thursday Like We Friday — Manifesto
Let's Thursday Like We Friday — Bar 15secs
Let's Thursday Like We Friday — D Chord 15secs
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A manifesto for Thursdays

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