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  • Print series collaboration with Bright Bright Great's type foundry, Avondale Type Co, to reimagine one of my favorite typefaces in their arsenal: Essay. This is "S". 

    The process of creating this project was featured on ANIMAL's Artist's notebook series. 
  • ...And this is the Avondale Type Co logo, reimagined in fleshy digital wrapping. 
  • Future poster design for Join The Studio using the text I designed 
    and a shot of a sculptural piece made in Spring 2012
  • One of many experiments with the SR logo variation I designed for this site
    and further foray into developing additive pattern overlays.
  • Scrawl experimentation. 
  • A look into the process I have developed to construct many of the angular text projects; 
    an admittedly unorthodox process, however one that I find very freeing and expressive 
    despite the hours needed to construct a cohesive logotype. 
  • Current logotype for Join The Studio I designed for the debut of the new site.
  • Original text and design work for our Join The Studio x 33 1/3 Clothing collab sweaters. Video recap HERE!
  • I'll soon be updating the entire site to an attractive-girl display system
    wherein my work will only be shown adorning hot models. 
  • Alternate design for the collab, printed on the grey sweaters. 
  • Self-motivated type experiments while thinking about the neurotic lifestyle of the artist and designer. 
    Definitely more to come. 
  • Digital collage experiment using halftoned scans of an ink piece used as a background.
  • Another variation on the collage and text experiment. 
  • Typography design for Chicago EDM dance label Kompute Musik
  • Additional logo work for Kompute Musik.
  • Practice design work for Kompute Musik, possible use for an album cover or flyer 
    but more likely strictly an aesthetic exercise to help develop Kompute's design style.
  • Another practice design for Kompute utilizing composite scans of "masks" I have made.
  • Further design practice for Kompute which has yet to be used, but will likely be worked into a future project. 
  • Logo/type work for one of the most influential Chicago turntablist crews in the city, Cutz on Cuts
  • Design for one of Join The Studio's best selling shirts, the "Style + Substance" tee. 
    Printed with a white discharge base and then a translucent blue layer. 
  • Variation on the previous "Style + Substance" type work; 
    a direction I haven't visited since but plan to explore in the future. 
  • The aforementioned sticker design for Join The Studio
    now completely sold out or slapped up on walls in Chicago, Austin, LA, Taipei, and beyond.