Promo image created for the Wesley Kimler Studio's EXPO Chicago after party, featuring work by myelf. 
Poster artwork for Denver-based online radio station and event series's 2-year anniversary during SXSW. Created using source imagery from digital glitch experiments and photography of my experimental sculpture
Promotional image #1 for group show and party in the Wesley Kimler Studio, which I also showed work in. 
Promotional image #2, used in the email blasts. 
Front image of the promotional card passed around the Chicago EXPO art fair to promote the group show and party I put together in the Wesley Kimler Studio. 
Back image of the promotional card for the EXPO after-party in the Kimler Studio. 
Flyer design for my solo art show and performances in San Antonio at Grphc Gallery.
First poster work for Denver radio station and event series promoting DJ Rashad
of Hyperdub and Planet Mu fame. 
Front side of the poster and flyer series used to promote the first False Flat SXSW show
featuring Kingdom of Fool's Gold Records.
Poster design for our third Spectratone Show, presented by Join The Studio, featuring THE-DRUM and Redbull 3style champ Big Once.
Flyer design for the Portland based label and experimental bass music collective, STYLSS.
Flyer for our second Join The Studio Spectratone Show, an event series of artists, live video manipulators, and experimental electronic performers, producers, and rappers, held in Chicago.
This flyer features an image of our headliner, Toaster, fused with a screenshot of a 3D program I was using
The flyer for our first ever Spectratone Show, 
with the legendary Chicago MC and b-boy Sharkula as this flyer's subject. 
Promotional flyer for my solo show, Hyper Tones, in Chicago at Envision Gallery, January 2012. 
Front side of the promotional material for the Hyper Tones show.
Flyer for Beats for Brains, a short event series in Chicago
that I was proud to play in alongside other Push Beats members.
Alternate flyer I drew up for the Push Beats 1-year anniversary featuring Brainfeeder producer Samiyam.
Subsequently wheatpasted around swaths of Chicagoland
Poster for the first show in the Chicago event series, HI-FI, by the House and EDM label Kompute Musik
Flyer for the March 9th edition of the weekly broadcast of Cutz on Cuts, by Chicago's foremost turntablist group.