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Illustrative works
Cover illustration for Mask Magazine's July2014 issue, "CYBORGOISE"
Collaboration with London-based fashion designer Roberto Piqueras and the striking model Sita Abellan, debuted first on the Barcelonan mag VEIN.
Collaboration with Roberto Piqueras and Sita Abellan. 
Collaboration with Roberto Piqueras and Sita Abellan.
Collaboration with Roberto Piqueras and Sita Abellan.
Screencap of the animated music video I created for Swedish electrofunk producer Beem
Reimagined "R" from my collaboration with Avondale Type Co, featured on ANIMAL's Artist's Series. 
Initial concept illustration for my typographic collab with Avondale Type Co. 
Still from a project in progress collaborating with a cool musician that shouldn't even be up on this site yet so forget you ever saw this. 2014.
Initial concept design for the Mask Mag cover.
Ink and acrylic illustration created amidst my hours spent in Chicago transit
a Moleskine celebration of the coming Spring.
Forget this too. 2014.
You know what, let's just play it safe and tell everyone there were just a bunch of nice paintings of bon bons and luxury goods, not these images of a secret project I'm working on, okay?
Page from Alllied Forces Quarterly 6, out of SF.  2014, 
Thanks. 2014.
Page from Alllied Forces Quarterly 6, out of SF. 2014.
Double page from Alllied Forces Quarterly out of SF. 2014.
Page from Alllied Forces Quarterly, out of SF. 2014.
Double page from Alllied Forces Quarterly out of SF, 2014.
Nothing to see here, carry on. 2014. 
Detail shot of mixed-media sketchbook imagery. Ink, spray paint, alcohol, paint marker, ballpoint pen.
Complete shape of the scene.
This is Deb. She’s very fashionable and wears a the latest edition halo round her head.
She’s very fashionable. Hi Deb.
A result of responding to the ink that bled through the page from the Spring Figure, and a tad sillier than I generally work but I’m a firm believer that one should never call anything with scary teeth and a big hat “silly" if you value your well being.
Second foray into 3D illustration and digital drawing. The Liverpool Figure.
Psychosis 2012; spray paint, digital print, ink on folded paper.
Proposal graphic for the Psychosis 2012 Festival in Chicago.
Another Societe Perrier answer--easily the most satisfying.