"Megabeg, Rob Contained Himself". 2013. Ink, spray paint, solvents, on plastic paper. 
Choking (in the) Marina. 2013, Ink, spray paint, oil, solvents on plastic paper. Sold to a Chicago collector along with "Eric".
Resampled Bathwater, 2012; oil, ink, spray paint, powder pigment over collaged digital print.

The first piece constructed after graduating from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago
Eric. 2013. Ink, oil paint, spray paint, solvents, on translucent plastic paper.
Sold to a Chicago collector with "Choking (in the) Marina".
Yamakata's New Eyes, 2012; oil, ink, spray paint over digital print. 
Mistook, 2012; acrylic paint and ink over DuraLar paper. 
All Together Now, 2011; oil, ink, powder pigment, tape, spray paint over translucent DuraLar and paper.
Consul, 2012; oil, ink, and spray paint over collaged digital print. 
Amanda/Olivia/Nadia Goes Out On The Town, 2012; oil, acrylic paint, ink, spray paint, powder pigment on paper. 
Your Words are Shreds, 2010; oil, spray paint, ink on canvas. 
Obsidian Misfire, 2010; oil, ink, glue on foamcore board. 
Rockwell Knuckles, 2011; oil, spraypaint on board combined with digital image. 
Used in story-boarding and site mock-up for the St. Louis MC Rockwell Knuckles. 
Beats For, 2011; Oil, ink, spray paint over DuraLar and twine. 
Flood Clot, 2011; oil over canvas. 
Auto-Cadre, 2010; ink, spraypaint, solvent, powder pigment on canvas. 
Black Cross Says Do Something, 2010; watercolor and ink on paper. 
Self Portrait, Seemingly Past Slipping, 2009; ink, paint marker on paper.