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    Nokia context book. 150 page wire bound book presenting findings from an extensive context research program.
Using context to drive global mobile innovation.
The Context Program is an in-depth research project examining the integral role of context in consumers’ current way of life "identifying needs and insights" to develop and refine context-based services for future use. The findings needed to be presented in a straightforward and visually stimulating way, inviting the challenge of how to present the findings in such a large volume.

We chose to design a brochure resembling a coffee-table-style book, sharing the complex, detailed information in a simple, accessible format. The book format and its contents also warranted more durable and long lasting materials to be used. We collated the contents using wire binding with thick board and screen-printed covers, which suited the innovative subject matter. We selected various sized foldout pages for significant summary graphs to make them more engaging and provide an interactive element.