ISTD - Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories (21 July 1969)
Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories
ISTD - What Happened on This Day
This is a project created by ISTD (International Society of Typographic Designers) called 'It Happened On This Day'. This brief asked you to pick a day, preferably something interesting and create a typographic piece of work based on something that happened on your selected day.

After extensively looking for a date, I came a cross 'The Moon landing'. More research into this event showed me that some people still do not believe that Man had traveled to 'The Moon'. I decided to base my typographic piece on the Conspiracy Theories based on 'The Moon landing'.

I chose 3 conspiracy theories to look at. The first one was about why the flag appears to be waving on the Moon?, the second one was about why do photos taken on 'The Moon' do not show the stars that should obviously be shown in the background? and last but not least, the third one is about why, when the module landed it did not leave an impression yet in the iconic photo taken on the moon of a foot print clearly shows that there should be an imprint?.

This piece of work shows you the myth about the moon landing then busts the myths explaining the reasons why the moon landing was not faked.

These three posters are folded away and placed into an A6 sized folder to be easily stored away. This folder would be sold at Space Museums for the interested individuals wanting to take a deeper look into the conspiracy theories based on The Moon landing.
Overview of product
Instructions on how to unfold posters to reveal the Conspiracy busts
Back of Poster 1 - Conspiracy Theory
Front of Poster 1 - Conspiracy Theory bust
Back of Poster 2 - Conspiracy Theory
Front of Poster 2 - Conspiracy Theory Bust
Back of Poster 3 - Conspiracy Theory
Front of Poster 3 - Conspiracy Theory Bust
Insert included with posters - JFK Speech