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Scanimated Business Card
Scanimated Personal Business Card
Animated Business Card
Here is a business card that I designed to be handed out to clients at my end of year Degree Show.
The idea for this came to me when i saw a Star Wars Scanimation Book in my local Waterstones. Being a Star Wars fan I had to buy the book.

I then tediously worked out how to create my own version of this 'Scanimation' technique and then apply it to a business card. By handing out my business card in these little black folders, it meant straight away that these are different than the usual business card and has a higher chance of the clients not throwing it away.

To mass produce these, i used a laser cutter to cut out all of the folders. I printed my 'Scanimation' scan lines onto acetate fitting around 9 per A4 sheet. The business cards where ordered from (FANTASTIC COMPANY BY THE WAY) and when they arrived the animation did not work. This was due to slightly resizing the design so I had to once again do the measuring, adjustments etc to get the animation to work. After perfectly solving this, I produced these bad boys below.

Check em out.
Closed black folder.
Surprise! Contents of the black folder.
Separation of the cards from the folder.
Nice top down view of the folder and both business cards.
Business card with the acetate business card placed on top.
   Hands on with Business Card.
Check out the video to see the business card in action.
Scanimated Business Card