ReportHippo's product development initially started from a team perspective; 
Assuming multiple people would file Excel reports, the manager would be able to see who uploaded the file and see report-type-based, consolidated status reports as well.
The 'team Circle' as metaphor for staying on top of the team's report filings, and simple pies showing the overall progress per Excel archetype
Product development was pivoted to focus on the individual uploading flow and dashboard as MVP and leave the team management perspective for later; 
Initial goals for the upload were making it unlike a common enterprise app, simple and inviting.

Following the 'simple and inviting' brief, and also due to the user not having initially uploaded any files yet,  it was first assumed the uploading would be a full-screen page. Once any file would be in the system, the main view would appear with the upload button on top. 

Needless to say this was an uncertain feat both from MVP as well as from UX perspective. 
Simple Upload 
AE Mockup of the desired hover interaction for the upload drag area 
The timeline pane can be contracted by switching to expanded graph view (right)
mockup of multiple file upload animation
Possible responsive behavior for desktop vs. tablet. It's worth noting that responsiveness was not an explicit requirement of the MVP
Graph Modules were expected to be modular, collapsible, movable
Post-scriptum: A quick Logo


ReportHippo is an advanced BI engine for excel files. Excel files are cumbersome and fragile. When having to deal with a multitude of files (esp Read More