The functional goal of the Brightmerge's web tool was to gather information from the entrepreneur which would be processed and returned with Brightmerge's recommendations. 
Focusing on the first part, gathering this information would be done using a wizard-like questionnaire which should be as simple as possible.
The Initial design suggested a spiffy progress bar on top. This idea was scrapped due to vertical screen estate costs.
Horizontal single option

There was not much background or brief so it was decided to focus on the bare basics: Combining technology with friendliness. 
Trying to come up with colors that would reflect Africa, all the continent's flags were sampled so it got noticeable which colors were repeatedly used(RGBY). Some of these colors were picked up for further experimentation. 
Sketches were geared towards finding a symbol fit for energy production: Turbines, wind turbines, the sun, etc. 
There was also this peculiar shape which in itself contained a few symbols within; 
The 'Turbine-flower' came in two variations: The first one being similar to a wind turbine...
...and the latter one like a flower made of Wankel Triangles (which is another interesting energy concept). 
We liked this one for many reasons and were surprised that the client actually preferred the third option:
The 'Spark' contained (intendedly or not) a few symbols inside that, when pointed out to the client, made them favor it immediately; 
The Brightmerge 'spark'. The randomness is likable probably due to the slight chaos that manages to both line up and explode at the same time, emitting energy.   
Sansation was picked for the logotype due to its tech-y and futuristic flair 
Alternate colors (scrapped)
Brand Colors


Brightmerge is a web-based toolbox aimed at enabling entrepreneurs to gather all the resources they need to build a power grid in Africa.