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    Background – The Dutch are global leaders in agriculture and food technology, and Aeres is the only institution bringing together education, rese… Read More
    Background – The Dutch are global leaders in agriculture and food technology, and Aeres is the only institution bringing together education, research and commercial services, making them an important player in the green domain. Because of an incoherent brand portfolio, where the single entities did not benefit from the synergy of the whole, Total Identity developed a semi-monolithic brand architecture and differentiated brand style for the Aeres family. From green to growth – Different brand scenarios formed the basis for the brand positioning scheme with a coherent system of brand architecture, brand language and brand profiles. For each sub-brand, Total Identity developed a separate brand compass. The Aeres brand is driven by ambition and pride, “sustainable growth and healthy living for plants and animals, preserving longterm healthy food and nutrition technology, and a vital living environment: these are the themes that drive our activities and day-by-day professional practice. Around these shared themes, Aeres creates long-lasting pride: pride for green, pride for the profession, pride for the community. Aeres is the brand that connects people.” Green as such has little differentiating potential for brand proposition and perception. Growth is a rich concept with regard to education and food production. “Talent for growth” is Aeres’ brand proposition. Aeres’ relevance lies in the development and cultivation of students and professionals; education is the continuous source for growth and change. Based on a single brand vision, different propositions have been developed for each of the sub-brands. The brand portfolio has been restructured, aligned and renewed; the new Aeres sub-brands have been named: Aeres University, Aeres College, Aeres Agree, Aeres TECH and Aeres Pracice Center. A living semi-monolithic brand – The multitude of activities in the field of education, business and research are brought together under a single brand umbrella. Synergy and brand management efficiency create a solid base for optimal target audience communication. The new Aeres brand wants to be open, approachable and diverse. Each sub-brand communicates to its own community of stakeholders and students. Carried by a smart design program, each sub-brand develops its own communication themes, storylines and tone of style. Contrasting colors and connective visual elements reflect the brand style. The logo system is built on 3 circles (reflecting the marriage of education, research and business activities). In this system each logo creates its own symbolism. Following this design system, a wide range of highly distinctive thematic symbols create high and differentiating recognition. In the course of 2016, all Aeres sub-brands will be rolled out and activated. Read Less
Client: Aeres
Project: Corporate Identity
Agency: Total Identity
Creative Director: Felix Janssens
Art Director: Dimitri van Loenen
Design: Dimitri van Loenen, Felix Janssens
Vincent Rheinberger, Benjamin Nespoulous, Thomas Pleeging
Desktoppublishing: Arjen Firet
Client Services: Marco de Haan