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    Vogue Apple news design
Conde Nast launched their Apple News digital debut in October 2015.
Vogue, GQ and Glamour were amongst the first magazine titles providing content for Apple News (Apple's free news reader app).
Leading up to the launch, I was assisting art director Kieran Gardener and Liam Keating with design amends, experimenting & developing the UX design for the Vogue, Glamour, and GQ templates. 
The apps host a range of editorial content from the print publications and Web sites, and I have been working as part of the Condé Nast Digital team which updates these apps daily.
Above: iPad Air2
The templates work across all Apple mobile devices, iPhone4, 5, 6, plus iPads1,2 Retina and iPad Pro  
The brief was for templates which reflected the high Conde Nast values, with simple clean and easy to use articles for reading on the move.
Above: Urban renaissance feature iPhone 5
Urban renaissance feature for iPad Air2