Ground Control is a BMX event which took place in Manchester and London at the Spin Cycling festival. 
I took on the creative role of photography, graphic design and video, and below is work used for print, online and social media promotion.  

The Spin Cycling Festival mantra is 'a mix of bikes, art, inspiration, fashion, innovation and style', so this project aimed to reflect this modern audience, and simultaneously appeal to the very specific BMX audience. The brief : less team sports & commercial consumer, and more- subtle, refined and focused style for a more sophisticated audience.
Above: Raw photo. f 8.0. Shutter speed: 1/13, 400 ISO. Canon 1.4 50mm lens, EOS 550 Body, Nikon SB-28 Slave flash + Pocket Wizard Plus
Above: Image after retouching work. Levels alteration + removal of distracting light, objects and details using layer masks, cloning and airbrushing.
Above: The final design used to promote the event features an injection of subtle colour via repeated typography, a retouched black and white photograph, finished with a carefully executed clipping path to make the design more dynamic. 
Compiled using Indesign CC and Photoshop CS3
Above: Double MPU gif banner design, used to advertise the event, venue dates and locations. Used for online advertising
Above: Ground Control Manchester event video.
Ground Control