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Vogue, Wired, GQ Bespoke Apple News articles

For this project I was responsible for the design & development of bespoke Apple News articles for Condé Nast brands Vogue, GQ, Wired, Traveller and Glamour.

Alongside our daily Apple news content, we also designed and produced these bespoke articles. These articles were not only used to explore the creative boundaries of Apple news, but also to bring new users to our brands through Apple's 'New's Editor's picks' and 'Spotlight' sections.

These articles combine components from the print versions, online content, and After Effects motion graphics, all complied together using JSON. 

We worked closely with the editorial teams & Apple to produce articles for Apple News mobile (and later desktop) format.
Working together with the Vogue, and the Apple News editors, I designed and built the Vogue article 'Vogue’s 40 Remarkable Activists are ready to change the world'  for the lead story for Black History month.
Meet the choreographers behind some of TikTok’s most viral dances
Brand Wired
Total Views 78,572
(open links in Apple News on iOS device)
Greta Thunberg: How one teenager became the voice of the planet
Brand Wired
Total Views: 56,168
Meet Vogue’s 15 Forces For Change
Brand Vogue
Total Views 64,737

These bespoke articles utilised a mix of video-based and text-based content to serve both users and brands.
- To work with the teams to produce immersive video/text articles
- To draw the user in by standing out from the other articles
- To allow the user to absorb information in different ways
Vogue, Wired, GQ Bespoke Apple News articles

Vogue, Wired, GQ Bespoke Apple News articles