Radosti Coffee
"Radosti"  is a family-owned coffee shop with its own bakery and mostly vegetarian cuisine. It is located in the historical part of Saint Petersburg, on the embankment of Neva river on Vasilevsky Island.
The task was to create a cosy place with a plenty of vegetation using simple materials such as a wood and a concrete.
The whole space is divided into two different volumes by the bearing brick wall. The back volume behind the wall was given to the kitchen, utility rooms and small dining room without windows. The lack of natural light is compensated by the grid system of tiny LED-lights сovering the whole ceiling. The main entrance volume of the cafe has huge panoramic windows with the view of the river Neva. Thanks to these windows and high ceiling the main dining area floods with the light. 
Room finishing materials are simple and close to nature — white walls and ceilings, natural brick and wooden panels. The floor is covered by a concrete surface. The only emphasis in the finishing materials is the massive wooden amphitheatre located in the corner of the main dining area. This amphitheatre is the place for children plays, events and regular coffee drinking. The interior is supplemented with minimalistic furniture and lighting by scandinavian brands. Many interior details were produced by local workshops.
Type: Interior Design
Architects: Asya Baranova, Nikolay Pokorsky
Visual Identity: Ksenia Stavrøva
Furniture production and wooden details: Verstak & Delo
Photography: Asya Baranova
Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Status: Completed
Year: 2016
Radosti coffee