"Filter" is a young and local chain of coffee places in St Petersburg, Russia. All cafes of the chain are following the design guidelines, developed by the architect, but at the same time, each of them has its own character and special features. 
The idea of the client was to create a neighborhood place for residential areas of the city in order to provide great quality of coffee as well as a pleasant and stylish atmosphere for people who lives nearby.
So this cafe is integrated into the apartment complex and is activating the local community by creating a third pace for dwellers and other guests. From time to time this place is used for art workshops and thematic local meetings thanks to a big communal table in the center of the interior.

The space we’ve got was pretty limited and we wanted to give the majority of that space to people visiting the cafe. In order to do so, we’ve decided to open up the whole cooking process and combine a coffee bar with a kitchen. As a result, the whole space of the cafe is visible and open, except for the bathrooms and a stuff room. The storage is integrated into the built-in cabinets in the main space of the cafe.
Our design decisions were inspired by minimalism and simplicity of ordinary materials and patterns. The materiality of the interior is pretty basic – tile, wood, metal. The same concerns the color scheme. The cafe features a patterned wall – the main visual accent in the interior working as a very well-instagrammable element for the guests.

Type: Interior Design
Architect: Assja Baranova
Visual Identity: Denis Sharypin
Furniture: Delo
Custom made furniture: Vibe
Photography: Dmitrii Tsyrenshchikov

Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Status: Completed
Year: 2018
Filter Cafe

Filter Cafe

Interior Design of the coffee place / cafe in St Petersburg, Russia