NUDE. Coffee & Wine Bar
Nude. Coffee & Wine Bar is a small family establishment located in a 1930s residential building in the picturesque heart of Moscow.
The interior design was informed by the materiality of the existing space. Multiple layers of plaster and paint had been partially chipped away to reveal original brick walls. This beautiful existing texture inspired the use of pared back, ascetic materials such as concrete and wood, with small brass accents and a bold black and white tile pattern.
The space is divided between an open kitchen and dining area, with a large bar top acting as an intermediary, at which visitors can eat and follow the cooking process.
Storage space hidden in the centre of the kitchen is used as a menu display board that connects to the bar top by a construction of steel and safety glass. The glass allows natural light into the back of the kitchen.
Nude sits 30 people distributed between several zones. There is a dining area with a massive wooden bench and marble tables, tall tables next to the wine rack, and the bar top that is comfortable enough for a quick glass of wine, as well as a slow lunch. A large concrete table in the centre of the room ties the space together. The interior is completed with elements of scandinavian designers such as &Tradition, Rubn and Massproductions.
The wine rack takes over a large floor to ceiling space next to the entrance and becomes part of the entry airlock. This is a metal grid construction in which wine bottles rest on leather belts.
The concept of identity keeps the same idea — simplicity and no excess. All the elements have transparent core, not hiding the interior surroundings but filling it up as a single whole.
Architecture: FORM — Olga Treiwas, Vera Odyn, Asya Baranova, Alina Yaroshenko
Identity: Denis Sharypin
Furniture production: Masterskaya
Client: Artur and Zara Bersirov

Photography: Asya Baranova
Location: Moscow
Year: 2014
NUDE. Coffee & Wine Bar
Multiple Owners
Denis Sharypin