Boiler Code Tech
Corporate Identity & Website Rebrand
Website Redesign
The first step in creating the new brand was to redesign the Boiler Code Tech website. The existing site was functional but lacked a clear design focus and branding. Its construction was overly complex and required many clicks to get through all of the available information. My redesign simplified the site map to one page, presenting all of the information a potential client might need in a easy to view format with everything a few clicks away.

The site also needed rebranding and a more contemporary design style. As my dad had already designed a logo, I focused on the site’s design. Since his consultation focuses on pressure equipment manufacturing a classic design that referenced the vernacular design style of mid-20th century industrial manuals. I thought this would be the best way to give the site a contemporary feel while also not veering to far out of bounds. Manufacturing is an industry with long traditions and can have a generally conservative aesthetic so my goal was to honor those needs without sacrificing aesthetics.
The original website
The new site, shown as one long screenshot.
The background is a texture created from a scan of the back of a 1950s high school drafting exercise in my collection. I asked my dad to provide me with some CAD drawings from client projects that I could abstract into a collage style illustration. I was careful to obscure any proprietary details. The site’s font stack uses nearly every flavor of Helvetica for an authentic feel, falling back on Arial only as a last resort.

To see the site live, please click the link below:

Business Cards
The next step in the rebranding was to create new business cards. The design continues the aesthetics of the website in a handy, pocketable form.
Front Layout
Back Layout
The Printed Cards