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DRIFT - A Film by Jim Vendiola
DRIFT - A Film By Jim Vendiola
A Film Poster & DVD Case
I came upon this project through the common story of reconnection via the internet. I used to work with Jim Vendiola back when I lived in Chicago, and when I heard that he was making a short film, I volunteered to make any collateral materials he might need. We started with the film poster.

Jim’s film is about two twenty-something strangers who ditch work one morning, wondering where exactly a winter's day together might take them.

For more information about the film, and to view the trailer, visit:

Digital Collage
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I was provided with a production still, shot by Joshua Lopatin, and appropriated an image of a sea nettle from an old children’s science book to use as the basis for the collaged poster illustration. Mix in some scans of old paper and some gritty watercolor washes, and I had a recipe for a successful poster.
Production Still by Joshua Lopatin
A sea nettle, scanned from an old children’s science book.
The Final Illustration
The Poster
The Final Poster
Poster Details
The DVD Case
After the success of the poster, and the film’s entry into several film festivals, Jim asked me to convert the poster into an insert for a DVD case to be given away to producers/supporters of the film and to be sold to fans.

The dimensions of a standard DVD case, as well as the addition of festival laurels, pull quotes and film stills meant that the case design would not just be a matter of cut and paste. The poster layout and illustration had to be taken apart and put back together again so that it would honor the qualities of the original poster while fitting the scale of the DVD case.

When the resized illustration was complete, I drew a new typographic grid, allowing for the much greater density of information versus the poster. As in the poster, the case uses a modified version of Ong Chong Wah's Abadi MT in Condensed Extra Bold for the film title, and the credits on the front and the standard version of Abadi MT in Condensed Light. The typeface choice was made by writer/director Jim as he had already been using it for teaser promotional items before the film was in the can.

From the feedback I’ve received, and the fact that I’ve had two additional commissions for posters/DVD cases based on this project I would say that the poster was a success! I’m really hoping this is just the beginning of a new part of my body of work, making posters.
Mockup of DVD Case
Photos of the Finished DVD Case
DRIFT - A Film by Jim Vendiola

DRIFT - A Film by Jim Vendiola

A poster and DVD case for the film DRIFT, written/directed by my friend Jim Vendiola.


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