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STIFF - Student Film Block Poster
STIFF - Student Film Block
A Poster
After designing the poster for a short film by MJ Slide, she recommended me to the director of Student Programming for Seattle's True Independent Film Festival. He needed a poster for their Student Film Block and I jumped at the chance to create another poster in what’s becoming a personal series supporting indie and micro-cinema.
Client Sketch
The client came to the project with an idea in hand, including a loose sketch. Through a series of discussions, I was able to nail down the concept for the poster and created an alternate sketch idea and a final sketch in the process.

Since I knew that a graffiti style text treatment was going to be an integral part of the design, I held off on specifying it too much during the sketch phase, because I knew the final text would end up looking very different. Between the sketches and the final design a lot of the text on the poster changed and moved around, so it was good to have the initial discussions during the sketch phase.
Alternate Sketch
Graffiti Text Sketch
Graffiti Text Sketch Refined In Pen
Final Sketch
Original Photograph For Illustration Background
Retouched Photograph For Illustration Background
Retouched Photograph For Illustration Background Converted To Black & White
Film Still From Tantamount To Treason
Film Still From Alone Together
Film Still From Impetuous
Film Still From Finders Keepers
Film Still From On A Park Bench
Final Illustration
Initial Layout
Second Layout
Poster Details
Final Layout
The Student Film Block (Student Block) is a program designed to help Student Filmmakers age 16-22 showcases their latest films. The winner gets $500 towards their next film and a job to work on a film shooting in Washington State. This poster will be given to each of the participants in the student film block.

The typeface used is Gerry Powell's Stencil. All film stills were used with permission.
STIFF - Student Film Block Poster

STIFF - Student Film Block Poster

A poster promoting the Student Film Block at Seattle’s True Independent Film Festival for 2012.