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    Logo Redesign for Cercle Social, a non-profit that helps disadvantaged youth in Africa afford a quality education.
Cercle social is a non-profit organization with the mission of allowing access to education to the least fortunate youth of the country of Benin. The organization was started by members of the diaspora of the republic of Benin in the US. The founders and members of Cercle Social realized the opportunity that they have to make a change; they have a strong belief in Education as the key to empower communities and provide durabe solutions to poverty.
The situation in rural communities is such that many families cannot afford high school education for all of their children. Cercle Social strives to alleviate this burden by sponsoring students in local communities and providing them with full tuition scholarships, school supplies and tools. Hundred of students and families are blessed through the opportunity that Cercle Social and its sponsors provide them.
Explainer Video Animation:
I have created this animation for the social media campaign that revealed the new logo.
Kind appreciations for the help of
Mathew Hane (Audio Recording) and Katie McDevitt (V.O. Artist) and wonderful staff at Daily Planet Ltd. who volunteered their time to help me make this video.
Early Concept Drafts
We decided to pursue with the third concept, I started to make more variations.
I started working with different colors and shapes as I felt that the original colors were not representative of the boldness and the engagement of the organization. I also experimented with typography and tried to add the motto of the organization to the logo to the logo since its French name could confuse the audience.
After another presentation, we felt the need to go back to the colors of the Benin Flag while keeping the universality of the meaning of the symbol. We thus kept the CS Blue and chose variants of Red, Gold and Green for the symbol. And decided that the slogan was too much detail to commit to everytime the logo was going to be used.
Final Logo