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    Web design project to engage volunteers for a seed packing event destined to help break the cycle of malnutrition and poverty in El Salvador.
El Salvador, One in three children suffers from malnutrition. In this third world country where living conditions can be harsh, the community of Willow Chicago decided to take action and help families. It turns out that women are the economical backbones of their families and farming is one of the most sustainable way for woment to not only feed their families but also generate income to meet other needs.
The community of Willow Chicago partnered with ENLACE, an NGO in El Salvador to provide seeds for these families. over 4000 pounds of seed were bought with the help of the community. But before sending them to families in El Salvador, the seeds had to be packed and that's where this project comes in.
As a volunteer designer working with the communications director, I built this website for the community to obtain information about the seed packing events and register online on the churche's website.
This project was quite humbling but at the same time it gave me a greater sense of my responsibility as a designer to help improve lives.
Take a look at the site at seedpacking.org
One of the first design concepts