My first smartphone was the G1 the first ever Google phone. It was made my HTC and had an awful camera. It was in 2008 and I fell in love with the idea of taking pictures on the go and sharing it with friends on Flickr and Facebook.
This was way before the existence of dedicated mobile phone photo platforms like Instagram. At the time, I was jealous of the iPhone's photo quality but couldn't afford one.
I always dreamt of the day a regular phone can be used with creative visual arts apps to create artworks that expresses an artist's feeling, message, or intent.
Sure enough, it is 2016 and apps like Photoshop, Paper just to name a few are on both Android and iOS, used by many professional to some extent in their creative process. Apple recently advertised their products using beautiful photos and imagery created solely on their iphone products. Filmmakers too are making feature films using their smartphones.
On this page, I wanted to share an ideology that art can be made using devices as small as the palm of our hands.