Fazer - Summer

BackgroundThe Finnish ad agency Hasan & Partners wanted some Snaskyness for their client Fazer; that was releasing a summer campaign pushing Fazer's most popular candy products of all time. The brief was "...make drop dead gorgeous handmade typography", so that´s what we set out to do!

The Case
The campaign was communicated in Finnish. Here at Snask we´re Swedes, meaning that we aren't 100% sure what it says in each piece. But what we are 100% confident about, is that design wise, it looks fantastic. It´s almost perfection. All props and typography were handmade by Snask in our studio in Stockholm. In the end, we helped out creating still life photography and stop motion, and the material was used in tv, social media, point of sales and retail.

Client: Fazer
Agency: Hasan & Partners
Created by: Snask
Photographer: Carl Dahlstedt