This is the "architects.Doing Other Things"
Exhibit Brochure
October 2011, Part of Chicago Artists Month
The entry reads -
Her career and interests have always been diverse.  She studied marketing as an undergraduate and then obtained a Master of Architecture degree and later a Master of Structural Engineering degree.  While a graduate student at IIT, Lina worked at the Office of the Campus Architect.  After graduation, she worked on projects ranging from domestic residences to hospitals to nuclear research complexes.
In her last job, Lina was working on a massive government project - the funding for which was suddenly frozen - and with it, her job.  Fortunately, the timing was good since Lina was about to get married and planning to start a family.  Lina is very happy being a parent and serving the occasional client, but her birdhouse project fills in the holes by giving her  a satisfying outlet for her creative expression.
Lina and her children design and build their birdhouses in an effort to spend quality time with each other.  In the course of a day, in addition to all manner of other subjects, they discuss their differences and similarities and common interests.  They inspire each other.  The birdhouses are a means of expressing themselves, their sincerity, and their experiences.  They are driven by the process of exploration - both of the final product as well as of the means by which they arrive.  When they look at the finished birdhouses, they remember all of the work and collaboration that went into making them.  They remember the good times, the sense of discovery, and the unfolding of possibilities, and these memories put a smile on their faces.
As for the future, Lina remains always open to new opportunities and challenges and she hopes to further develop their birdhouse project in new directions.