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    Extreme Birdhouse design by a mother and her young children.
"Tres Bien" Birdhouse
By Lina and Adriana Grigaitis
Birdhouse by Lina and Adriana Grigaitis, photo by Patsy McEnroe, 2011
Birdhouse by Lina and Adriana Grigaitis, photo by Patsy McEnroe, 2011
My children are the co-creators of these birdhouses, and I love creating designs with them.  They are surprised by their involvement in the world of design just as I am surprised by their enthusiastic response and keen observations.  The birdhouse projects become a meeting of the generations and we both are awed by our finished products.

Through our birdhouse designs, we hope to add a little fun into people’s lives.  When I am involved in the design and building of these birdhouses, I experience a feeling of joy and connectivity with my children.  We are always on the lookout for new people, ideas, and places to inspire us.  There is always some new idea waiting to be discovered and lingered over in our quiet moments.  If something grabs our interest, we take the time to figure out why.  This is the source of our artistic direction.

This specific design is called “Tres Bien”.  I created the shape as a study in whimsy.  When I asked my daughter what color we should paint the birdhouse, she said “rainbow” because this was the most beautiful “color” that she knew.  She wanted to make the birdhouse as beautiful as possible.  We strive for these memories.