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    This birdhouse is an extreme design created by myself and my young children.
"Sparkles" Birdhouse
by Lina, Adriana, and Christopher Grigaitis
Birdhouse by Lina, Adriana, and Christopher Grigaitis, photo by Patsy McEnroe, 2011
This birdhouse is called "Sparkles".  Together with my son, I designed the shape, and my daughter determined the pinkish color.   She also named the design.

My children are the co-creators of these birdhouses.  A child’s sense of discovery propels us forward.  Sometimes, I design the form, and my kids determine the colors.  Sometimes, these roles are reversed.  Still other times, our roles are blended.  Sometimes my kids try to draw new designs and I transform them into three dimensions.  Whichever way the process unfolds, we always have fun and learn more about each other.  It is a wonderful partnership and time that we truly cherish.
These birdhouse projects have been a learning experience for all of us.  The kids learn the art of design and, in the process, begin to develop strong work ethics.  The pride each of us takes in our work product provides incentive and justification for our further collaboration.  The kids are encouraged to think “outside the box” before their young minds have fallen prey to convention and become hopelessly trapped within “the box”.  The birdhouse projects encourage me and the kids to explore and unfold possibilities and to push our boundaries.

I consider designing and building the birdhouses as part of the world of family life, and showing the birdhouses as being part of the world of art.  We chose to be part of the world of art because we like to share our joys, our experiences, and our art in an effort to bring a little fun into people’s lives.  We hope that people enjoy our art and that it resonates with them.