By Lina and Adriana Grigaitis
We were invited to be part of an Artists' Group Show in downtown Chicago.  Much to our surprise, the curator could only accept drawings.  It turns out they only had walls on which to hang art.  Our artwork usually appeals to the lesser used spaces such as that under the stairs, or under a beam, so we were surprised at this request.   We can always find something.  Moreover, since they already reached their quota with photographs, they were specifically seeking drawings or paintings.  We had to bend our brains, and this is our submission.
This birdhouse design is simply a very difficult object to draw.  Each of the perspectives must be absolutely perfect.  We perfected a technique that gave us fantastic results.  The background is a collection of photographs of the sun shining through tree tops.  This is a very realistic and robust Mock Up of the "Sparkles" Birdhouse.