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15th October 2015
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22nd October 2015
Mega City One exists in the “Judge Dredd” comic book universe. Based in a dystopian future, Earth has become damaged by continued international conflicts. Much of the planet is now radioactive wasteland, and so “mega-cities” have been constructed. Mega City One was established in 2032 to house up to 350 million citizens. The city stretches roughly from Florida (USA) up to Quebec (Canada) and in as far as Ohio (USA).
Prior to the Great Atomic War of 2070, the city's population had expanded to 800 million citizens. By 2104, the population of the city had plummeted to 400 million people, following the Apocalypse War of 2104, although the available living space could only house around half of that number. Regardless of this drastic reduction of numbers, the density of the population of Mega City One far exceeds any city that is currently in existance today.
The residents of Mega City One live in towers, known as City Blocks, which each hold approximately 50,000 people. There tend to be rivalries between each of these different blocks, which is documented most notably in “Block Mania”.
There are robots that live and work in the city, that appear to have their own personalities, and speak in English. These robots were original appreciated for the work they did, but after many years of people being out of work, bordem and frustration led to the creation of Aggro Domes. These domes were created as a way for people to let out their frustration without harming other citizens, and so instead the robots became the target of their anger. The domes were closed around 2021, due to a lack of visitors, but the bitterness and division that was created between the humans and their robotic counterparts remains to this day. Circa 2030, thirty City Blocks turned out to be giant robots, which increased the hostility, as well as the conflict within Mega City One.
Vehicle Transport Systems
- Boomway: One or two-way multi-level Mega-Way (between four to ten lanes width, two to four levels height).
- Meg-Way: Largest road design in Mega-City One. Two-way, between four to twenty lanes, and central reservation,
- Superslab: The longest Meg-Way in Mega-City One, bisecting the City from north to south. Twenty-four lanes, 1,220 kilometers in length (AKA Mega-City 500).
 - Zoomtube: The most recent traffic innovation in Mega-City One. An enclosed road-system where all traffic is platooned and computer-controlled for optimum speed and driver-safety.
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27th October 2015
Initial Plan
First person perspective of Judge Dredd on his motorcycle, travelling through broad-way. As he takes a turn off onto Back-Street, a two-way passage located in old town, the sound of the bustling street behind changes as he enters this more menacing, sinister area. The surrounding sounds abruptly change as he passes under Superslab, the megway which bisects Mega City One from north to south. Dredd continues to drive away as the sounds fade out in the background, until his motorcycle breaks down on the side of the road.
Key ideas/words
Broadway: Metallic, vast, over-crowded, dense, loud, bustling, dense
Back-Street: Sinister, gritty, run down, dirty
SuperSlab: heavy, imposing, formidable, overhead, 
Under the SuperSlab: Trapped in, echoy, under-groud
Motorcycle: Mechanical, growl/roar, heavy, powerfull, dirty, gritty
Sound Design
- Objects
- Actions
    Driving the motorcycle
- Environments
    Under MegWay
- Emotions
    Broad-Way: Confused by the amount of activity going on around them
    Back-Street: Un-nerved / On edge
    MegWay: Small in comparison to the SuperSlab overhead
- Transitions
    Travelling through Broadway
    Turning onto Back-Street from Broadway
    Passing under SuperSlab
    Leaving the city behind
Keynote Sounds - Sounds that identify the key of a piece
- Scene 1 | Broad-Way
     Traffic Passing
- Scene 2 | Back-Street
     Distant Howling
- Scene 3 | Under SuperSlab
     Traffic Over Head
Sound Signals - Foreground sounds, which are listened to consciously
- Scene 1 | Broad-Way
     Sirens Passing
- Scene 2 | Back-Street
     Unnerving background
- Scene 3 | Under SuperSlab
     Motorcycle coming to a stop abruptly
Soundmarks - A sound which is unique to an area
- Scene 1 | Broad-Way
     Hover Vechicles
- Scene 2 | Back-Street
     Distant Howling
- Scene 3 | Under SuperSlab
     Heavy Speeding Vehicles overhead
Sound Map
- Scene 1 | Broad-Way
    Voice: crowd chatter from the street
    FX: Motorcycle, hover cars and traffic passing
    Music: none
    Ambience: over-crowded street, dense city
- Scene 2 | Back-Street
    Voice: more aggressive sounding crowd chatter
    FX: Motorcycle, sirens
    Music: suspense
    Ambience: over-crowded run-down street with potholes
- Scene 3 | Under SuperSlab
    Voice: none
    FX: Motorcycle, variety of vehicles overhead
    Music: none
    Ambience: thundery vehicles passing overhead
- The software I will be using to create this soundscape will be Reaper and Audacity
- Plugins: I have decided to create my soundscape primarily using synthesisers. If I do end up using samples, they will only be for the purpose of shaping these synths, as opposed to being distinct sounds themselves
7th December 2015
Stems Completed So Far
8th December 2015
Final Edits and Revisions
Interesting Areas / Techniques
- All the sounds in this audio soundscape were created using synthesisers, with the exception of on audio sample which was used to vocode the layers of synths that made up the motorcycle to give it more grit
Mega City One

Mega City One

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