Kinetic Text - Full Play Throughs
1st April 2015
This is the first play through of my Kinetic Text project so far. Watching it straight through as opposed to in the smaller sections I was used to. I'm starting to see how I could bring all these seperate sections together much clearer now, as well as spotting the more obvious fixes I must still make to certain sections. There is still some placeholder text visible in this version, and some of the chorus lines run over their allocated time. The pulsing bubbles, which I have added to cover some of the more empty sections of the song, are accompanied by a glowing circle, which scales in time with the music, and which I plan to remove after watching this version the whole way through. In the line "always mister right", the arm of the "y" jumps in too sharply so I plan to soften this in the next version.
Firstly, I have removed the glowing circle from the pulsing bubbles, as I really didn't think it fit with the effect I was trying to create. I have worked on tweeking some minor timing issues in this version, but nothing significant. I have also timed the bubble to cover more of the empty sections of the song. My plans for my next edit are to ensure that all placeholder text is replaced with an actual representation of how it will look. I will also fix the central version of the chorus, which breaks after its first playthrough. I must also change the words slightly as each time she repeats the verse, the phrase's change slightly. I think the arm of the "y" in the line "always mister right" is working much better since I softened its merging with the word "always".
7th April 2015
Today I spent some time fixed the central chorus that I discussed in v002, by overlapping various sections of what I had already created, and editing some of the lines to make them fit with the change in lyrics. I still need to find a way to add in the "you know" line twice within this series of repeating chorus lines. I also replaced any remaining placeholder text (such as the remaining "ow"'s). I also retimed the "I don't let them play, no way" section, so as to allow the "play" animation to finish fully before the next section begins. In the "but I don't let them play" section, I worked on getting the "but" and the "I" to line up more centrally, even when the two are expanding in from of one another. I removed feather from the "O" in the "only boys that save their pennies" line, as I found it was breaking with the style of the rest of the section. I increased the speed at which the word "day" appears in the line "make my rainy day", but I still think this isn't quite sitting right with the speed of the lyrics. I experimented with using the "animate" properties towards the end of the song, where the words "a material" fade in and out in a short period of time, to try and bring in the various colours of my colour scheme while it fades in and out. I also created a more impactful design for the word "world" which follows this section, which I think may become the basis for how I will style some of the rest of the song, although then this line will have less impact cause it will blend in.
11th April 2015
Styling applied to verses 1 through 3
17th April 2015
Styling applied to all verses. Vimeo would not allow me to upload using "Material Girl" due to copyright issues, so unfortunately this version is sans audio!
18th April 2015
Added in the final chorus and made some minor fixes throughout
27th April 2015
Beginning work on the opening instrumental section
28th April 2015
Refining the opening instrumental section. Added in sections later on to blend in the other instrumental sections, and worked on smoothing the join between some scenes e.g. by turning one into a planet, flying it away and flying the next scene in as a planet. ( 03:18).
Kinetic Text - Full Play Throughs

Kinetic Text - Full Play Throughs

Full play throughs of my work so far as I refine them and start trying to bring all the various sections together, as part of the development of Read more
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