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Animation Abstract
21st April 2015
25th April 2015
Loop Demo - V001
First run through of the loop continuing. 
27th April 2015
Loop Demo - V002
Fixed the gap between loops and made some minor adjustments throughout. Moved the box section down so that the smaller boxes won't fly so close to the top of the screen. Adjusted the saturation of some of the reds, particuarly those on blue backgrounds as they were bleeding into the other colours. Considering adding some texture to some of the elements in the animation to try and enhance the significance behind my colour scheme.
29th April 2015
Loop Demo - V003
Experimenting with adding textures to the animation. I'm not so sure about some of the textures, but I do like where it's going.
8th May 2015
Final Version - Multiple Loops
Final submitted version. Pulled back some of the textures, and refined some of the timing a bit more.
Final Version - Individual Loop
Individual loop of the final sumbitted version
Animation Abstract

Animation Abstract

Work in progress of my Abstract project, for the Animation 2 module in LSAD Clonmel