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    A series of 2 hour challenges as part of the development of my Kinetic Text project for the Video 2 module in LSAD Clonmel
10th March 2015
Verse 005
Challenge - " Complete verse 5"
I really enjoyed this 2 hour challenge, particuarly as I decided to put colour and texture aside for the time being, as I found I was focusing more on the kinetic movement of the lyrics than I was previously.
14th March 2015
Verse 001
This 2 hour challenge went much better than the last one, as I was quite happy to not think about the colours and just focus on the movement of the words. I think I found some interesting ways to try and get the feeling and rhythm of the song across, and hopefully the graphical style I will introduce later will further add to this.
30th March 2015
Verse 003
Verse 004
Verse 002 - part 2
1st April 2015
Verse 002 - Full