Best graphic design practices seminar
Auckland-based Trinity College needed instruction for their non-designer theological students in how to implement sound design principles into sermon media preparation.
Design Guidelines for Screen Presentations teaches basic design principles and theory using easy to grasp visuals and a healthy dose of humor. The seminar was well received and it has been integrated into the Effective Church Leadership course curriculum at Trinity College.
Adobe Photoshop (image editing)
Microsoft Powerpoint (slide preparation)
Adobe Connect (presentation)
Tell a story through your presentation. Incorporating humor is one way to make your points memorable.
Simplification in action. Never say it if you can show it. Use visual hooks as a memory aid.
Demonstration of focal point and heirarchy.
Modified slide deck from seminar presentation
"INTJ Design is something rare today—quality and enthusiasm for the client. I have used their work in various adult education classes for the Methodist Church of New Zealand and it always goes down a treat."

David Bell, Principal - Trinity College, Auckland