Visual identity concept for closed tender | rejected
client: MeetFactory, o.p.s.
year: 2011
project description: At the end of 2011, we've been asked to take part in closed tender announced by rather famous Prague culture hub MeetFactory (run by even more well-known artist David Černý). MeetFactory resides in old industrial building in Smíchov, however it was found in even older ham factory. The name, MeetFactory, is thus obviously connected with both meat and meeting people. Interesting thing about it is it's focused both on music, theatre and contemporary art.

In short, we decided to focus on the "meat" part since it's what people relates it with most. We spent quite some time studying look of Prague butcher shops, the way they advertise daily offers, hand-made script styles and so on. The typeface we're using for this project, Huspenina Script™, was hand-painted by a nice Mrs. butcher in one of shops on Milady Horákové street and then vectorized by us.

We didn't win the tender, but we had a lot of fun working on this project. 
 Elaborate wayfinding system
 Hand & home made script typeface
 A2 poster sample
 A3 poster sample
 A5 banner sample
 Monthly program sample
 Concept & design:  Jan Vranovský & Dan Friedlaender / FRVR™
 Additional help: Jakub Podlesný