Portfolio 2007 ~ 2013
Printed personal portfolio of architectural and graphic works
Concept / story: The design is based on an answer to one basic question: how to present both architectural and graphic design works in a way that shows their mutual interconnectivity and relationship, but at the same time doesn't force the viewer to go through works he's possibly not interested in at all. I also didn't want to make one of the fields "1st" and the other one "2nd" by placing them consecutively. In result, I decided to make the book double-faced, having two covers and no end. More precisely, end of each of the two parts is in the exact middle, so where one field of design ends, the other one beginns (upside down). I believe there's a nice parable in it. 
Bellow are few selected pages of the portfolio, not the full content. The whole book has exactly 100 pages. 
Thanks for viewing!
Concept, layout & content by: Jan Vranovský / FRVR
Photographs by: Dan Friedlaender / FRVR
Printed by: Paper Jam, Prague