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    Full corporate identity for mid-sized Czech company

↑   Set of simple illustrations was created for each of the five main company departments.
↑   Basic document layouts - letterheads, invoices and offers. 
↑   Product catalogues for each of the product categories, packed in a special box
↑   Document covers
↑   Company business cards: serious front, colorful rear
↑   Tubes for certificates and posters copy the shape of the logo
↑   One of the branding elements are the business-specialized shortcuts: incomprehensible for people from outside the business but axiomatic for those from inside. 
↑   Set of business pencils
↑   Poster design
↑   Shape of company cups / mugs is also based on the shape of the logo. Production is scheduled on 1st quart of 2014
↑   With custom-made cups, even coffee stains turns into branding element...
↑   One of the gifts for HPST customers: a soap bar. Since many of the clients are laboratories, it's a practical thing.
↑   Custom-designed HPST exterior sign
↑   HPST website (under development)