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    An integrated campaign showing Applegate as the champion of "real".
For more than 20 years, Applegate has been upholding the virtues of natural and organic meat in the midst of a world of over-processed food. As the country begins to trend towards a healthier diet, Applegate is on the brink of a significant breakthrough. We created an integrated campaign to enable Applegate to become the champion of "real" and to spread the word about real meat. I work with several others on concepting the direction of the campaign, brainstorming tactics, and working on the campaign mantra.
The Real Revolution

Real has been in chains too long. We must take on the world and free it,
because “real” is what we need most. Real is what makes our children
healthy and wise. Being real is our highest potential. Real is what nature
intended. This campaign is a rallying cry to every person committed to not
giving up on being real. Applegate has always been real when it comes to
meat because we believe everything in life should be real. So we are the
champion of real. We are the advocate that opens the path for others to find
it. Our mission to change the way people eat meat is only one contribution
we make to secure every person’s right to what is real.
Included in our campaign was a redesign of the Applegate website, and the addition of a social media platform to engage the public in a discussion of what is real. Ambient ideas included a mobile cafe that provides real food and a "real" music tour which would partner Applegate with the Music Maker Relief Foundation to aid musicians in need.
A new landing page demonstrates the "Real is Good" mantra while also providing a cleaner look and easier navigation.
QR Codes are added to packing to encourage customers to find more stories of what's real.