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    An integrated campaign created for International Paper to celebrate their contributions to everyday life and their care to the world around us.
A global branding project for International Paper. For this project I worked with a team to concept the three directions for the campaign, including writing the premise for The Box that tells the story of how paper connects us all. 
Included in the campaign was a website redesign as well as new forms of inter-company communications.
The Box was created as a video that would be shown not only on the employee intranet, but also on the public website, beautifully illustrating how we are all connected and at the core of that connection is paper.

Video The Box:
We follow the life of a box. It is born at an IP plant as a box made to protect breakfast cereal. At the grocery, a customer takes it to help her son pack for college. At college, the boy loans it to a foreign student to send his parents goods from the States to his home in India. His parents use the box for a while in their shoe shop collecting used shoes and eventually use the box to send shoes to needy children in Myanmar. A volunteer at the children’s center in Myanmar uses the box to pack for her return home to Australia. At home, her dad throws old computer parts into the box and takes them to a thrift store.

By now the box is getting ragged. A worker at the thrift store takes it apart and tapes it over another shipping box that is too small for the item that is being shipped. The item is delivered to a company in the U.S. The mailroom employee tosses the box in the shipping room at his job. Later another employee tapes it back together and keeps a stray puppy she found in it. When she gets home, she tosses the old box in the trash.

A homeless man takes it and uses it as a table. Rain pours into the street, washing the box into a ditch. The next day, kids working on an environmental project for school are cleaning the street and toss the mangled box into a recycling bin. The box is shipped to a recycling plant where it becomes another IP box. And a new life begins.

Announcer: Today, it seems everyone is saying, “To create something new, you must think outside the box.” That, “inside’s the comfort zone.” That, “in there, you find nothing new”. False. All of the answers are in the box, hidden among the problems. We must be unafraid to climb into the darkness with them. For, in the box, among the clutter of doubt and uncertainty, we find those things that we hold most dear. We find the answers that make the world a bit more to everyone’s liking.
Pop-up ads would begin as a plain box that, when moused over, opened to reveal a story of an employee, company innovation, successes and goals.
Ads were created likening the work of an International Paper employee to that of a master artist or a hero, emphasizing the importance of their everyday tasks.