The Washington Post

The Washington Post is one of the biggest newspapers in the U.S. When they started planning for their readers Favorite’s Issue they wanted something fun and tactile. After reviewing more than 40 agencies they ended up calling us at SNASK.
The case​

We decided to make the cover and the editorial images entirely by hand. We wanted to capture the essence of every category (Eating, Drinking, Music & Arts for example) in the design and illustration of each letter of
the word “Favorites” by creating fun, unique and physical icons that would reflect the characteristics of each topic, all in different materials.
For example, choosing a clean, stylish Art Deco typeface made from
glass to create the essence of a fancy cocktail for the topic “Drinking.”
The materials used was everything from plywood and concrete to clay
and real neon light.

The Washington Post got so happy with it that they decided to make an interview with us. Read it here:
The Washington Post

Project Made For

The Washington Post

The Washington Post Magazine wanted something fun & tactile for their readers Favorite's Issue. SNASK made it all by hand, every letter represent Read More