The tree of knowledge in the Book of Genesis is a tree planted by God in midst of the Garden of Eden. A talking snake initially tempted Eve to eat the prohibited fruit with the promise of knowledge of Good and Evil. She ate the fruit against God’s command to Adam and later so did he. 
This Genesis story inspired me the packaging for this homemade orange marmalade. The fruits were collected from orange trees in my private Paradise in December. I remembered that in the old days, oranges were considered a very special present, and I decided to revive this Christmas custom for various reasons :

- I have plenty of oranges trees, which I care of throughout the year and that give me the best oranges ever with agricultural methods respectful of the environment.
- I
 love handmade presents which involve personal commitment.
- I 
do not agree with the abusive consumerism which arises at Christmas time and support any iniciative that avoids it
The elaboration of the orange marmalade is a quite time consuming process during which you first peel the oranges and leave the zests in water for 24 hours. The oranges, cut into small pieces and mixed up with water, are boiled for one hour before adding wite sugar and the zests to finally cook the marmalade until it acquires the right consistency.
Peel the oranges and reserve the zests in water for 24 hours.
Remove the blank part of the oranges and cut the remaining fruits into small pieces.
Boil the mixed-up fruits and zests for 1 hour with the same weight of water.
Add the same quantity of white sugar and cook the mixture for approximately one hour,
 until it acquires the right consistency.
The orange monster encircles the jar and addresses the consumer a warning not to open it while holding his hands onto the fastening lace. The top sticker offers a short description of the product, inviting the consumer to infringe the monster command.