DS Live is an extension of the Desert Schools brand and serves as an entryway into the potential members without overly promoting products. The brand currently leverages various marketing items, most notable is the SUV and trailer that goes to various events. This setup provides a pregame experience with giveaways, raffles and a fully functioning photo booth that produces realistic photos with sports figures. Since there are many existing physical items I wanted to focus more on the digital strategy and a surface-level refresh.
Improved and new icons provide clarity to the brand language while alternative uses of the color scheme make everything more relevant and up-to-date. Very little presence on social channels calls for many different opportunities including: pre-event, during events and post-event. The current emails cover delivery of photos and has been opened to more strategic approaches.
Currently there is nothing in place and a parallax landing page with simple animations works perfectly. This features phase 1 of the project and phase 2 will explore much more advanced features along with the ability to have the photo booth technology on desktop and mobile.