"Hope" / "Viltis" Birdhouse Design
By Lina, Adriana, and Christopher Grigaitis
As an artist, I combine my love of nature with my love of art with my kids. Kids have a unique view of the world and I treasure their ideas as I incorporate them into birdhouse designs. My daughter, Adriana, suggested using the angled design. My son, Christopher, suggested using the high intensity reflective tape. My suggestion was to paint the birdhouse a bright gold color. It all comes together to symbolize "Hope".

This "Viltis" birdhouse is made of wood, gold paint, and high intensity reflective tape. Its dimensions are 18" high x 14" wide x 14" wide, and its weight is 20 pounds. This design symbolizes "Hope" thru its shape, color, and high intensity reflective tape that shines thru darkness like a beacon. In the evening, when light barely hits the design, it shines brightly as if to herald good news. Hope has held the fabric of community thru the toughest of times and symbolizes the strength and perseverance of the human race.